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Before media is moved even within an enterprise, the data have to be completely erased. Our equipment is capable of erasing the data at a level that is unrepresented. The erase procedure is secure and fast.

Data Security

In many instances tape cartridges containing expired, but still confidential data are stored in unsecured locations. The cartridges may have been returned from off-site storage or from other locations. These cartridges are often stored outside of a library until they are used again to archive new data.

Our proprietary erase head removes the 4 LTO data bands while leaving the 5 LTO Servo bands intact.

Erasing the data before the cartridges are stored eliminates the risk of expired, but confidential data ending up in unexpected and undesirable places.

Improving Reliability

Overwriting a tape leaves some magnetization of the original write on the tape. With repeated overwrites the remaining magnetization can increase to a level that increases the tape’s error rates.

Our erase process uses magnetic fields that are several times stronger than the magnetic field used by the drive to write data. All magnetizations from all write operations are erased and the tape is magnetically as new.
Applied Engineering Science Inc. performed an analysis of our erase head. See Analysis of Erase Head.
See also Report of Reliability of Magnetic Data Tape.

Knowing the cartridge quality

Even when the cartridge comes from a data center of the same enterprise, its condition may not be known. It could have been used past its life time, or it could have been used in a mis-adjusted tape drive. Our equipment analyzes the complete history of the cartridge, measures the edge quality [Why does the edge quality matter?] and gives the recipient a comprehensive report. See Quality Report for details.

Ready for Use Service

Erasing the tape is in many cases just the first step in the process of getting the cartridge ready to be used again. Removing and replacing the bar code label, changing the VolSer number inside the CM chip, writing a custom VolSer label to the tape, and others maybe required. We offer the complete, customized "Ready for Use" service. more

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