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Monitoring and Reporting
Monitoring the erasing process

All steps of the erasing process are monitored and recorded. A detailed audit report can be generated at any time. The software detects any mistakes that may happen and alerts the operator immediately. The alert remains active until the mistake is corrected.

Overview screen of erasing monitor

The erasing progress is displayed in the upper part of the screen. This includes the number of cartridges erased so far and a bar graph of the quality of these cartridges.

The lower part of the screen shows the last cartridge erased. This cartridge went correctly through the erasing process and is ready for use. In this example the cartridge has a quality score of 99 on a scale from 0 (bad) to 100 (good). (For more information about determining the quality of cartridges, see VeriTape)

As part of the erasing process, defective cartridges or cartridges that don't meet your quality requirements can easily be identified and discarded.

Overview screen: A not erased cartridge was detected

All steps of the recording process are recorded and mistakes are immediately flagged and are also recorded. For example, not erased cartridges are detected by the software. The operator is alerted to the problem at the time of the mistake. The software tracks the cartridge and increments the "Not Erased" counter, displayed below the "Total Cartridges" counter.

After the cartridge is properly erased, it is removed from the "Not Erased" list.

Erasing Reports

Report screen: Select information to be included, sort criteria, and output format

Reports can range from just summary information to detailed information about every cartridge processed. The user controls which details are included in the report.

Details can include:
Volser (bar code label)
Date and Time of erasure
VeriScore® (The quality score for the cartridge)
The manufacturer of the cartridge and its serial number
Cartridge type (LTO Generation, Worm)
Status (Erased, not erased, Ready for Use)
File name (of the file that contains the complete history of the cartridge)
Line number

Reports can by sorted by any of the included information.

Several output formats are available. See the possible selections in above screen on the lower left under "Output Format".

A simple text based format allows reports to be printed at any time.

Sample Report in text format

Total tapes processed 5488
No Init0
LTO 1132
LTO 264
LTO 3208
LTO 51026
LTO 64056
Site Erased Tape Score 94.7
New tapes0(0%)

No. Volser VeriScore® Cart Type Status Date&Time
1 002199L5 96 LTO 5 Erased and Initialized 5/19/2014 11:04 AM
2 002378L6 92 LTO 6 Erased and Initialized 5/19/2014 11:05 AM
3 017249L6 93 LTO 6 Erased and Initialized 5/19/2014 11:05 AM

Other formats, like the "Comma separated values" and "Tab separated values" can easily be imported into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, for example. How?

Graphs are easy to create in Microsoft Excel. They can make the reports more informative and appealing.

Sample Excel graphs based on Report Summary data
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