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Ready for Use Service

Erasing the tape is, in many cases, just the first step in the process of getting the cartridge ready to be used again. We offer the complete, customized "Ready for Use" service.
Remove and Replace bar code label
The serial number of the cartridge may change in its new life and the label has to be removed and replaced.

A change of the serial number requires the bar code label to be replaced.
Update serial number stored in CM
Many library programs store the cartridge serial number in the Cartridge Memory (CM). Our Ready for Use service updates the serial number in the CM if the bar code label was changed.
The Volume ID in the CM is updated.
Write VOLSER label to tape
Most systems use records written to the tape to identify the tape. Our service can write the tape label as part of the erasing process in one of three formats:
IBM standard labels
ANSI/ISO labels
Custom labels
Make the cartridge beautiful again
Tape drives and libraries can leave their marks on the cartridge shell. We can remove minor cosmetic scratches and blemishes.
Typical scratch marks caused by tape drives and libraries are removed.
Identify erased cartridges
Every erased cartridge is identified by a secure record in the cartridge memory. The buyer of the cartridge can obtain complete erase and quality information from every cartridge. more
The erase stamp contains:
Cartridge status (erased, initialized)
Serial number of the Eraser
Timestamp of the erasing process
Serial number of the Initializer
Timestamp of the initializing process
Number of cartridge mounts at erasing time
The cartridge quality score at erasing time